Whatsapp Status For [GirlFriend] With Love

Whatsapp Love Status For GirlFriend |Best Status to Hypnotise Her With Love
When you fell in love with a girl…she become your girlfriend.It is not easy to impress her so here we are sharing Whatsapp Love Status For your girlfriend.This collection is specific for guys who want to hypnotise their girlfriends by expressing their love.Whatsapp is the best platform,you can now easily tell your loved one about feeling you have.

 Whatsapp Status For [GirlFriend] With Love

 **Whatsapp Status For [GirlFriend] With Love**

 I want  to say this reality many people have caught my eyes but you are the only one  that caught my heart.

In love there is no give and take policy  because it’s love not a trade

There are many hearts but I lost my heart only in front of your smiling face

What the whole world say is not matter for me but what you say is really matter

I madly want to fall in love whose character is most beautiful than handsome looks

You want to know how much I love you ?leave it I have no scale for measuring  this feeling.

Oh my God what’s happened with me?where is my heartbeat when my eyes see you

I am searching for a real man whose love is based upon respect

Once I say show your love in front of whole world,he comes near and whispered in my ear and say I love you because my whole world is you

Promise me whatever the conditions are never let me go

You know my life is completed when you hug me and say my life start and ends on you

I am crazy I am not sharing you with anyone even not with you

Oh my God your blue eyes totally hypnotise me

I am like books full with words but silent

The Garden of my heart is in silent mode because you are not smiling

Shout loudly with full craziness and say I am your’s

Love is painful and I know how to handle it

One day you come back in my life because I beg you from God with tearful eyes

No luxuries are needed for love only a good soul is needed

Well don’t make life hell ,I am your happy bell just add me in your cell

I start loving you much as your heart touching me much

Everyone wants to spend time in romantic destination but I don’t need it because I have you

I need a comman man who love woman

I am single and want a signal

I am arrested in the magical love of a sweetheart and I don’t want freedom yeah sure

I want a boyfriend of handsome character not handsome apps

I don’t want a rich man as partner I need a millionaires rich by heart.

knock knock I want to enter in your heart ,and now start loving me

I do anything for your happiness but can’t face tears in your eyes baby

love,love and just love and I have dove

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