Top 50+ Best Whatsapp Status On Life

Status For Whatsapp On Life includes Quotes about how it feels in different  circumstances of life.Everyone face hard times,happiness ,sadness .So these quotes are real to life and we hope you gonna love our effort.

***** Best Status For Whatsapp On Life *****
Behind every successful person there is always a presence of painful struggling period.

If some one want to change his life don’t remember him the bitter mistakes of past.

The painful period of life is just an exam of testing your courage.

Don’t be sad after struggling a ravishing future is ready to saying welcome.

Keep in mind if you stop struggling its mean you stop life.

My hard times never break me they convert me in stronger ones.

Remember this thing when you give up first time ,it means that yo don’t want to be successful.

When i am facing storm of difficulties , my wife say you are strong  with tear’s  that touch my soul a lot.

The tough times of life reveal the real faces of our beloved relations.

***** Status For Whatsapp On Life about Struggle *****
If you want strength it only comes from struggle.

Your life can never be better by chance ,it gets better only by change.

When we face hardships and never surrender that is the symbol that we are so strong.

Learn to accept instead of expect ,by this you face little disappointments.

I just hate to compare my struggles  with others,i know how to make my own path.

There is no shortcut of great victory ,because counting always start from zero.

***** Status For Whatsapp On Life’s Lessons *****
Thanks a lot of bad times they teach me those lessons that can never taught in world’s best universities.

The honesty of  wife can only be tested in the time of husband’s unemployment.

I am a fighter not a loser you can see me in struggle but never in falling position.

Some people fights against hardships for luxuries but i am here just for giving comfort to my mother.

***** Most liked Status For Whatsapp On Life *****
Empty pocket,hungry stomach ,and broken heart Teach me the better lesson of life.

All relations looks like liar story when coins become short in my pocket.

She hold my hands when i am nothing ,now i have every thing but i still want that she keep holding my hands forever.

Dear !!! happiness can never buy with the help of credit cards.

Difficulties give us unique knowledge of life.

With my mother prayer’s I can survive in my tought period of life.

In life when you learn patience it means you come close to success.

When i am struggling you are not present ,now i am successful so i don’t want your presence.

***** Sad Status For Whatsapp On Life *****
Thanks to all those relations who are the cause of hurting me !!!Actually they motivate me for doing my BEST.

I want to live and die like a fighter not like bloody loser.

Many time tears comes in my eyes but I never make them my strong weakness.

Oh dear world you are a great institution of revealing secrets of life.

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