Best for Married Couples|Love Quotes For Whatsapp status

Top Love Quotes For Whatsapp|Best for Married Couples
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Best for Married Couples|Love Quotes For Whatsapp status

 ***** Love Quote For Whatsapp*****

Okay I  accepted your love I think you are a deserving candidate

I start laughing when the memories of your love start in mind with full random motion

Love is not complicated; we make it by saying what other thinks.

*****Angry Love Quote For Whatsapp*****

We can’t follow the rules of right and wrong when we start loving someone it’s love damn it

*****Love Quotes For Husband*****

Go where ever you want I am happy in your heart

I need only your cute smile that helps me in struggling of life.

I just want to see you happy no matter your happiness are with me or with someone else

You cheat me but I am thankful to you by giving me a chance to find someone better than you.

Oh really loving you is right but you have to give me rights of fights

*****Whatsapp Quotes On Life*****

When I see in your eyes I just reach in your heart, what a magic happen

This is the fact, Love cures people both who give it and the one who receive it

*****Short Whatsapp Quotes*****

Don’t say you are nothing for me you are everything

Childhood love is so unique, that time feelings are innocents and hearts are pure

Let run away with with me , Where there is only you and me

*****Love Quotes For Him*****

Take me in your arms, where you hold me tightly and never let me go.

I need only two times of your life please …Now and forever that’s it.

You hurt me many times but my love for you is increasing its volume day by day

Whenever I think about you my heart start jumping is this good for health??

My one and only wish is that every moment of my life is spend with you

Yeah my love is unconditional because in love no conditions matter

*****Love Quotes For Her*****
You know I love you more than stars in the sky .I think these lines are now so old yup

True signal of love I got from you hmmm when you shy in seeing my eyes

I want a partner that accept me with all painful parts of my past

No I can’t give explanation of my love it’s a practical feeling not a viva test

Add me in your beauty box because my fair love increase your fairness

I select you as my life partner because you understand my silence

Yeah I am single and I think God is creating a script for my love story

You know No one can change me but you do this

My whole world start smiling whenever I am with you

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