29+Best Whatsapp Status On Love New Loving Couples

Whatsapp Status On Love|Best For New Loving Couples
Whatsapp Status on Love: Best for loving couples,Best Collection for Her,Love quotes about him.All loving Quotes included in this collection that really meant for your love.Update any status from below to show your deep love for your loving partner.

When you are not in my life I was just simply living but know I am alive really.
You are like a spring season of my life where flowers bloom The heart touching voice for me is yours when you say i love you.

29+Best Whatsapp Status On Love New Loving Couples

***** Whatsapp Status On Love For Him *****

In your smile I see some special shining like stars.

No one reject me because I am already accepted.

My Dear lover I want to hold your hands for all life journey.

Would you hold my hands for full life without you I can not walk.

Your sincerity is more cute than your loving attitude.

You can not love someone by choice it’s a by chance accident.

Don’t leave me as I left all things for you even my heart.

My good luck when I looked at him just as friend than I realized this fact oh my God I love him.

I live without oxygen but not without you.

I saw many many people who hides their feeling are more careful about their relations.

The most hurting thing in love is that you miss your prince charm but can’t see.

I totally flat on you because you are the only one who feel my absence.

I am in relaxing mode whenever you hold my hands.

***** Whatsapp Status On Love & Respect *****
love is not based upon expensive gifts it’s just based on respect,care and compromise.

No right to anybody for making my soft heart into hard ones.

You can never understand my love you want proofs and it’s the insult of love.

My whole world depends upon your innocence so remember it.

No rules no conditions just jump in my heart.

After taking love doze I am convert from weaker into strongest one.

I share everything but please not your love.

Hey do you have any idea about how much i love you.

**** Best Whatsapp Status On Love *****
I don’t no when you become my weakness so take care i just only love this weak point of mine.

Hey stupid you are so much more to me than you think.

life is too short and i spend this shortness of time in your heart.

The main purpose of my love is live with you and take stand for you that’s it.

love is good but it needs healthy relationship as it’s a matter of heart.

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