21+Most Unique Whatsapp Status Collection Ever

Amazing Whatsapp Status|Most Unique Status Collection Ever
Amazing People use Amazing whatsapp status.No doubt in India majority of mobile users use Whatsapp to communicate with others.No matter Amzaing people are less in number. but they are enough unique to present themselve in amazing way.This collection is for them only.By the way i believe i am one of them.

21+Most Unique Whatsapp Status Collection Ever
21+Most Unique Whatsapp Status Collection Ever

 ***** Amazing Whatsapp Status about Tears *****
The words that can’t be spoken are “TEARS”.

***** Amazing Whatsapp Status For Him *****
Only the one person can make me happy when I am sad that are you.

A person who falls down & gets back up is too much stronger than a person who never fell down.

***** Amazing Whatsapp Status About Attitude *****
Improve your Achievement by Improving your Attitude.

It is amazing how instantly you can change your mood, how sunk your heart can sink & how much someone can affect you.

Bad attitude is like a flat tire, if you don’t replace it. You will never go anywhere.

Its how funny when I am loud, people tell me to be quiet but when I am quiet people ask me what’s wrong with me.

**** Amazing Whatsapp Status for Being Strong *****
Do not let fear convince you; otherwise you always have a choice.

A sense of humor makes a man handsome.

I love listening lies when I already know the truth.

I speak for all that is fine and good, things you can never have even if you wanted them.

I met you as a perfect stranger, took you as a best friend. I hope we accommodated in heaven where friendship will endless……….

You only live but once, if you done it right once is sufficient.

Your attitude is the only difference between a good day and a bad day.

Don’t look others, be your own hero.

?? ?? ?? ?? ??  Amazing Whatsapp Status About Idiots ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
Don’t contend with an idiot, he will hang up you down to his level & beat you with his experience.

The only one reason I am fat because a slight body couldn’t store all these abilities.

Everyone is an intelligent, when he can work hard.

Don’t get confused b/w my attitude & personality.

***** Amazing Whatsapp Status About Status ****
Don’t waste the time in searching status, build your own status.

I don’t need to give explanations, I know I am right.

I’ll be back before you pronounce ajlakjdkadifewfsadrekj.

I love someone who give me a loan & then leave me alone.

Waiting for Wi-Fi password.

I am tired of achieving my dreams.

Your SUCCESS depends on the second letter of it!

I might be crazy because craziest is way better than stupid!

The major cause of divorce is only Marriage.

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