21+Amazing Whatsapp Status Forever

Amazing Status For Whatsapp|Cool Collection For Whatsapp Status
Amazing Status For Whatsapp can be used in all situation.The Most decent way to give message to all your contacts is the quality of amazing quotes we collected here for you.All Statuses we mention down are in English and very easy to impress anyone.So find the best for you ?? .Don’t forget to give us your Feedback in comment section .

21+Amazing Whatsapp Status Forever
21+Amazing Whatsapp Status Forever

Dream as if you will live long & live as if today is last one.

Your silence is the best response to a foolish person.

A memory remains forever & never does it die, True friends stay together & never say goodbye.

***** Amazing Status For Whatsapp about your Energy Level *****
I am not apathetic, just on my energy saving mode!

Do not say there is still time or maybe next time; there is also the concept of “It’s too late”.

***** Amazing Status For Whatsapp About life *****
I am going to make the best of my life for the rest of my life.

Happiness is that stealing someone’s French Fries without realizing it.

Before you expect other people to respect & love you the way they should, you must show them the way you love & respect yourself.

I love you with my entire ……., I would say heart, but my …… is bigger.

Every time when I start writing to you, I look at keyboard & see that “U” & “I” are always together.

***** Amazing Status For Whatsapp about Better Tomorrow *****
Spending Today & Complaining Yesterday would not make a better tomorrow.

Whenever you find yourself on wrong way, Leave!

If you can’t convince them then confuse them.

Life is an art of drawing without having an eraser.

I could not stop shaking. It was the most erotic moment of my life Up until then, at least.

***** Cute Status about being Awesome *****
Don’t criticize me, I was born awesome.

If someone hates you for no reason, give him a reason.

Be a good person but don’t waste time to prove it.

Attitude is a small thing that makes a substantial difference.

Seven billion smiles in this world and yours is my beloved.

People cry, not for they powerless but for they have been strong for too long.

There is nothing in this world that compares to the amenity & security of having someone holding your hand.

The 1st secret to Success believes in you.

***** Whatsapp Status about Judging Someone *****
You have no time to love someone if you try to judge him.

I’m not a perfect person, I make many mistakes. But I really grateful to those who stay with me after knowing how I really am…..!

If you left me without a reason, do not come back to me with an excuse.

I live a day at a time, in the morning I think what is my exciting thing for today? Then I do the day.

My favorite music is your voice.

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